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Sasuke Uchiha & Itachi Uchiha Susanoo Action Figure - Fandomaniax-Store
Sasuke Uchiha & Itachi Uchiha Susanoo Action Figure - Fandomaniax-Store
Sasuke Uchiha & Itachi Uchiha Susanoo Action Figure - Fandomaniax-Store
Sasuke Uchiha & Itachi Uchiha Susanoo Action Figure - Fandomaniax-Store
Sasuke Uchiha & Itachi Uchiha Susanoo Action Figure - Fandomaniax-Store
Sasuke Uchiha & Itachi Uchiha Susanoo Action Figure - Fandomaniax-Store

Sasuke Uchiha & Itachi Uchiha Susanoo Action Figure

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If there ever was a personification of inner turmoil and conflict in modern media, it would be in the form of Sasuke Uchiha. Awakened into much personal tragedy and strife at a young age, young Sasuke Uchiha vowed to right the wrongs done to him and his family, with one of the perpetrators being his own brother. This intense conflict later on reflected with how his various relationships, including with his close friend and confidant, Naruto Uzumaki, turned out, often creating a troubling scenario where Sasuke Uchiha is forced to choose between carrying out his vow of vengeance and caring for the people he considers his friends and family. It is also because of this conflict that Sasuke Uchiha has learned to harness the awesome power which is the potential of every member of his clan. Sasuke Uchiha & Itachi Uchiha Susanoo Action Figure show the troubled anti-hero along with his energy nimbus, which makes him a truly fearsome force when angered.

This action figure is made from polyvinyl chloride (PVC) material, an immensely durable and resilient synthetic plastic polymer preferred for items intended to last and retain color better. Standing at approximately 23 cm, this figure depicts Sasuke Uchiha in a very dynamic pose, surrounded by a nimbus of power, made even more breathtaking with the brilliant colors which will definitely stay with the material longer, since PVC retains color better and is more fade-resistant than most other plastic polymers.

A troubling past can often extend well into the later years, with it also creating complications with whatever relationships a person could have. This is why it be immensely better if issues and troubles could be resolved as early as possible, or they just might become a gnawing and lingering presence in life that could affect every aspect of it.

  • Material: PVC
  • Condition:100% NEW
  • Size: Approx 23cm
  • Package: With Box
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